As an advid inventory hoarder I rarely like to use items. In older games MP was even more rare. Often getting only a few casts before needing to sleep at an inn or atleast a tent to refill your MP or god forbid Daily Cast Limits. Still though it was always ultimately cheaper to have a White Mage around. Slowly I started to wonder what if… Just what if I was the White Mage.

So soon my parties became White Mage focused. Everything planned around the full range of White Magicks.

They do more than healing ya know. Float, Blink, a pre res, and all sorts of shields and barriers not to mention the screen nuke that is Holy. Because more often than not, the bad guys are well… evil. As such weak to holy magic. This was all well and good until I started MMOs.

I quickly learned to grow cold to those in need. Healing them only brought aggro on me. Finding a competent party was rough. Guilds are usually creepy and full of RP perverts. Random matchmaking is the blind dates of video games, if you want to have someone talk about themselves for hours then rush in unprotected to a boss fight and blame you for them dieing then go ahead.

As an adult I don’t have the time to allocate set online play times with friends. Much like any D&D campaign sure the whole party shows up for the first few sessions, but soon you are down a tank and it’s a timed event on the server and now you never speak to Juice anymore because you wanted to even play this game ya know Juice it was your damn idea in the first place!

That is when you subjob. Now you are to invested in self care to try anything that can’t heal. You already have a closet full of staves. You like flowy clothing. So you come up with the best idea ever.

The Monk job has a lot in common with the White Mage except it can fight more than a rabbite and not turn into a puddle of blood and cure residue. You gain several amazing abilities from counter attacks to preemptive counter attacks in some cases engery blasts even. So you switch back now ready to continue your quest once again in your white robes and ready to deal with the worst possible parties you could ever imagine. When suddenly it’s no longer “We aren’t even getting hurt why are you here?” or “We all died why are you even here?” but it becomes “The White Mage disbanded guys… he, he’s taking the boss on his own.”

Once you learn a few choice subjob skills and stats you will almost never need a party again. You can become way more than your average White Mage, you will become the stuff of legend. Not some pansy try hard paladin, or the won’t pick a team Red Mage. You are your own self made mage. So when the world needs saving you don’t need a party, you don’t need potions, and you don’t even need a plan. You know what to do .