Hey there, Soda here and I’m going to talk about a movie. Today’s movie is one I found by googling “Movie to review” and taking the first response. It’s not to hard I mean I saw this one once or twice.

So where to start? Pretty sure it started with John Travolta and Sam Jackson in a restaurant. Honestly it doesn’t matter. The movie jumps all around. But Travolta and Jackson are criminals who get robbed by some low effort wallet grabbers. Ofcourse Sam Jackson doesn’t play that shit and takes his wallet back. Those two were tasked with getting back a brief case for Wallace. Wallace is the biggest bad guy around.

Lots of people have very well, if not overly, thought out explanations about what’s in the case. Others take a look at the film as a whole being an Athurian legend drawing parallels between the characters and the old knights. As for me I thought it was an okay crime movie. The narrative jumps all over from taking misses Wallace out on the town as an escort. Which Travolta had to do as a favor to Wallace.

They do the Batusie dance from Batman and then she overdoses. Meanwhile Bruce Willis and Wallace are doing their own thing. Those two don’t get along.

After a rough day they end up getting along and Bruce has an ass watch he really cares about that he got back.

It was his dad’s. His father’s old army buddy brought it to him. Travolta and Bruce fight over Pop tarts at some point. It’s a Tarantino flick. So it’s a lot of talking and violence and swords. It’s a good enough time. All the characters keep crossing paths as several plots unfold until ultimately it ends. If you haven’t seen it. It’s whatever, honestly if you’d like it you probably already have seen it. If you do watch it for the first time don’t bother talking about it. Everyone else has already made very firm stances on this movie and they won’t budge. There are worse movies for sure. I mean I would watch it again probably. The movie goes into religion, good burgers, and when you should and shouldn’t hold a grudge. Some solid life lessons.

Ultimately you do you, you don’t need someone telling you how good their movie choices are. Just go into this one expecting lots of talking and witty banter. Like a high crime version of Seinfeld. Just a small slice of life for a bunch of dysfunctional crime boys and a girl or two.