I was not expecting this to be my day today. Some people choose G Fuel, others have G Fuel thrust upon them. I shall do my duty as your Couch Commander to try this ridiculously caffeinated drink and see how it good it stacks up as a gamer drink. First off it just looks clear. Like Sprite it’s just a bubbly clear so no need to take a picture of that. Flavor wise… well that’s a trip. It starts with kinda nothing then builds up to a bang of peach with a hint of pineapple and cotton candy. They call the flavor Peach Rings and they got it. Just that after taste, I dunno. It’s super sweet. Sipping and gulping give about the same results taste wise. So drink at your own pace. Caffeine is nuts. Like 300 mg per 16oz can. Compare that to say Mountain Dew’s 54 mg per 12oz can. So it’s a lot. I live off Pepsi Max, or Zero Sugar as it likes to be called now, that sits at a nice 69 mg a 12oz can. So 300mg won’t really rock my world, but it has got my attention.

I mean, okay, I said they had my attention. That and there is nothing about that I don’t love independent of each other. So I’d love to try it. I came across it again while I was waiting to see how the Peach Rings sit in my stomach. Honestly a tad burpy. I normally don’t drink this type of stuff. Plus the ingredients list kale and green coffee and broccoli. That would explain the vitamins in here, and the power farts that came with it. I am not saying it’s the G Fuel full stop, but I’m not normally a gassy guy. So something to keep in mind. It is honestly a refreshing drink. I was expecting to not like it. Not a fan of Gatorade personal. Plus it’s G Fuel, sorta a joke right? I mean not really. It’s pretty solid. The taste doesn’t distract me from my game. It satisfies me enough to not keep reaching for it. Solid amount of caffeine and it does help me stay alert. I won’t say I’m more focused, but I definitely am more aware of my surroundings. Also the more I drink, the more into I am getting. Everytime I blink I just see a sea of peach rings.

It’s impressive how about halfway through the can it all starts to click. I have been coming back to this article as I go. I’m about 2 hours in and playing some Sonic 3 and Vectorman just to stay 90s rad. Stomach still feels a tad off, but maybe that’s just getting used to these types of drinks. Semi healthy sports enhancer style drinks. Would I get it again? Probably, it’s pretty good. Would I try other G Fuels? Well I trust them enough to give it a shot. If it is a tie in I like or a flavor that sounds good and I see it while I’m out. Sure, I’d love to try more. For a peach drink this one is good, as for G Fuel as a brand?