Yes I started with Lop. No I am not going to review each episode. Hell I don’t even think I am reviewing the series? I mean it’s good. It’s an anthology of short films set randomly in the Star Wars timeline. Some way better than others. Each just ten minutes so even the bad ones are passable. My review is if you like Star Wars you should watch it. there that’s out of the way so Star Wars Visions as a concept? I’m conflicted.

For most people Skywalker era is Star Wars. The movies, the extended universe books, and those older games so they might just enjoy a quick little side story. For me, my Star Wars was Knights of the Old Republic. The two games and all those amazing comics was what I always will think of when I think about Star Wars. So Visions leaves me wanting way more. Especially Lop and Ocho’s story needs to be finished. They showed so much creativity in what kind of stories can be done in this fantastical universe. That the canon is flexible enough for almost any type of story from creators with very different backgrounds. They show glimpses of what we could have got. Stories that will never be done. Instead they will default back to the movies and make more of the same old Star Wars. I won’t sing the praises if The Mandolorian. We all know it’s pretty rad.

Just The Mandalorian is a rare exception. A story about heart, duty, honor, and family that just so happens to be set a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. This collection of short stories honestly reminded me why I love Star Wars in the first place. The wonder, the adventure, and the limitless possibilities. Something ten seasons of shows about clone troopers took away from me. Sure the Clone Wars is a big deal, for Anakin Skywalker. His story is done. We really don’t need more Vader. I’m tired of that moment in Star Wars. What about the Jedi Civil War? That would have made a much more interesting story for a show to explore. Sure Star Wars Visions isn’t perfect.

Okay, it’s kinda dumb at times. That’s just kinda part of the fun right? Star Wars can be a little silly. To me Star Wars is meant to inspire and leave kids hungry for more adventures. To be a stepping stone to the bigger worlds of scifi as a whole. When you spend to much time making your brand homogeneous that can be lost. When 90% of your content is set between Episodes 1-9 you only get fans that enjoy those movies. The other 10% of the content gets explained to people as “I know it says Star Wars but…” which even if they do bring new fans to the family they will be starting from a mindset that most non Mandalorian Star Wars is bad. The very same mindset I had for non KotOR Star Wars. I say had but just like look at this.

That was my Star Wars. Kinda makes the Clone Wars look like low stakes beating up a bunch of robots. KotOR had Jedi fighting Sith, Jedi fighting Mandalorians, Sith fighting Mandalorians, and Jedi fighting Jedi. It has worlds and peoples with real struggles. The stakes were high and it always took a moment for some politics and trade negotiations. Wouldn’t be Star Wars without senate hearings now would it? Visions gives me hope for more from Star Wars. Even if I doubt that hope will pay off with more Lop.

I say get some friends together, or even just hop into Discord and text each other while you watch some odd short little adventures. Let it be the springboard to do fun discussions. What the rest of each story would be. What works and how you think these characters reacted to various events if they overlapped. What new ideas you liked from the fresh takes on such an old franchise. Or just to laugh at some of the absurdly out there offerings you will see. It’s best enjoyed with friends or with an analytical mindset. As just the shorts themselves they are largely forgettable. Hey here’s hoping they make action figures that sell enough to force Disney to notice what we want. What I want atleast.