My lovel of city levels should be no secret by now. I am unsure if this was where it started or if it was Yo! Noid. Though what I do know is this stage is my favorite. I still use the track to listen to when I am having a hard time sleeping. Check it out.

That is just so perfect. Upbeat enough to enjoy while walking, and chill enough to sleep to. More than that it takes me right to those green beams and distant lights. The part that really sells the whole stage is that it raises so many questions about the world Sonic takes place in. Most of what we can tell about older games stories we have to gleam from the settings and NPCs. Here we have a full city lit up yet silent. The animals were captured and changed to robots sure, but what about the people. Robotnik is clearly a human though that’s the only exposure you get. It wasn’t until way later we get a cannon explanation to where they all are. They died. Starlight Zone is a city set in a life after people.

Stuck in a state between disrepair and construction lends itself to a very believable platforming stage for sure. Which would have been average enough on itself, but here we have several branching paths. If you stay in the middle path it’s a rare opportunity to just let loose and really see how fast you can go. Long looping roadways are a surprising rarity in a game designed around going fast. Sometimes to fast and you are flung up above the street lights. Leaping from the lights to those spinning girders that just kinda make sense. You know the ones.

Until you beef it big time and fall down to the construction section at the bottom. Dangerous enemy filled dead ends and little nooks that drive you to desperately claw your way back to anywhere fun. It’s a special type of stage that keeps you engaged everytime you revisit. Not to mention it’s your last chance to grab chaos emeralds so in some runs it’s the make or break or break for if you are a massive failure or not. There have been a few retreads in later games, a few ROM hacks toss it in. I’d say it has it’s loyal fanbase. So in our first installment of Video Game Vacations I decided to start with a small one. A simple little day trip to one of the best cities in video game history. Typically we would go into the locals, but it’s walking bombs, spinning orbs that chuck little spikey orbs, and industrial fans for some reason. So not a lot to dive into. So if you have the free time and want to take a chill nighttime stroll through a quiet city here is the place for you.