So I had recently been lucky enough to have something truly joyous come into my possession. Also I got the Mario 35th Anniversary Game and Watch. It’s pretty good. First off awesome marks on the packaging.

Notice the shadows there from the slipcase? Why would they print on top of the slipcase and not the box proper? Because of secrets and treasures that’s why.

Bam! Right out of the box… no wait. Right from the start this little beauty is telling us it is full of easter eggs and hidden treats to be discovered. That’s right it comes with Ball! Freakin’ Ball! I love Ball!

Now Ball has been tucked away elsewhere before. Notably Gameboy Camera had it in there. It’s where I first learned of this game. Atleast I think it was. Anyway that Game and Watch is sliver and the new one is gold? Is that just for Mario’s 35th? Nah, it’s the Famicom colors.

That being the Japanese NES and all. I love that red and gold look. I know it’s from the 80s, but it screams 70s. So what exactly is this Mario Game and Watch? It’s a watch (ya know tells time) and a game (or three in this case) that is small enough to tuck in your pocket.

As for the games it’s Mario 1 with some unlockable goodies. Level select, hard mode, and infinite lives are some of what I found. Mario 2 in Japan or The Lost Levels here in America is also included with the same hidden unlockables. Not to mention Ball! I mean yeah it is a dumb little 3 Frame LCD game about juggling balls but I love it so much.

So game selection and presentation is amazing all around. Buttons though? They can be a bit unresponsive at times, but that is acceptable because they feel like 80s buttons all rubbery and bouncy you expect it. I expect to miss a few jumps on my old handhelds so it’s much the same. Sure it might be a down side for most people. Hell I wouldn’t have noticed it if it wasn’t there. Aside from that the screen has adjustable brightness and there is a volume setting to it. That’s about it. It is a game and also a watch. With a rechargable battery and compact size it makes a great gift. For yourself though you might feel disappointed in a $50 price tag. I wouldn’t because I love Mario. Now as for a gift, I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t absolutely be overjoyed with it. It’s fun and functional day to day for students and adults alike as well as just a great desk piece to put in your room or desk at work. So I say grab it if you see it in store, but don’t pay collector’s price or mark up online.