So I was recently at Target shopping for a present for my mother. I had to wander into toys and electronics because for some reason there is a Pokemon card shortage when I need to buy a collector’s tin. So as I was rummaging about what did I find except a familiar and friendly egg hanging from the shelves. Not just the classic looking Tamagotchi, but a new tiny funky one. One with Pac-Man no less.

Why I just had to have it. You can too actually. Gamestop has them on clearance as of the time I am writing this. Like $12 for the standard Pac-Man Tamagotchi and I want to say $16 for the one with a rubber Pac-Man case for it. So should you get one? I mean yeah. I think so. My first thought was that obviously they can just make it smaller now. We have the technology after all. So you could easily shrink the full-sized experience into a fun sized egg. They could, but they didn’t. As you might recall from my Digimon run down a bit back the old digital pets were a chore.

For tthe majority of you who will have just skipped that link let me fill you in. It’s a small plastic egg that hates you much like your cat’s do. You will almost forget you have it until it starts screaming. Usually while you are in a hard part of a game or otherwise distracted. So exactly like a cat. Which yes they made those as well.

That is just one of way, way, waaaaaaaaaay to many variants to list. I mean look…

That was a thing. Evangelion Tamagotchi is a real thing in this timeline and I personally find it to be super rad. The full-sized ones are very much along the linesĀ of Digimon without the murder fights. Feeding, cleaning, minigames, and attention all mix together to decide how your little dood grows up. With several evolutions and unique personalities, no wait I mean evolution requirements, makes sure each time you get a different experience. Okay well different enough. Just you never know what you will see on that screen.

It can be demanding, like really demanding, but they have a built in clock that regulates everything. Most digital pets are okay with some time changing shenanigans. I know with my digimon I would change it to bed time when I needed a few hours and set it to morning when I missed that little guy. Which I assume much like a new parent the idea of getting attached to a screaming, pooping, and barely aware thing seems impossible. Yet you do. It’s rather nice to have a little pet that simulates happiness or sadness based on how well you treat it. You want to see it smile and beep and just be overjoyed for a piece of meat with a bone in it. You like to check on it just to see it’s sleeping peacefully. The. The heartbreaking moment you wake up to see it has shit itself to death. Just here you can tap the A button and try again.

It isn’t for everyone. Much like a real dog or cat some people don’t want the responsibility. So these little Tamagotchi are like the pet fish of the digital world. Incredibly scaled back in complexity and content so much it’s just feeding, cleaning, and minigames. Even so I like my little wiggly buddy. I don’t pay much attention to him but he seems alright. It’s just reassuring to have a little familiar face resting on my keys. More involved than most finger fidgets but easier than other pocket games or pets. It brings a little bit of companionship and excitement to my life without being too distracting.

Which I just did. You get a sense of satisfaction from watching it grow. A sense of accomplishment from it being not dead. Well until it is, at which time you get a snazzy little keychain or a cute little bit of desk swag for the office. A comfortable slice of the 90s for those chasing nostalgia, or those wanting to experience some pre internet fun for themselves. So how about you hit up Google and see what all is out there and snag one soon. Because we are all going back outside soon, and having something like this can help you feel more grounded and at home even when you are stuck in some parking lot waiting for the line to go down. If nothing else just to say you did. It’s a unique experience, and life is all about gathering experiences. Until next time remember, be most excellent to each other.