Yes, well no… I mean kinda. They are still tacos. Just like ya know, worse. What? You like the crunch huh? Not a fan of soft tacos? Nachos not good enough for ya? Well how about this?

Boom baby! Tostadas, tacos you can eat without turning your head. Either pick it up or use a fork. Seriously, why would you prefer the bent one? It doesn’t even stay crispy. The grease will destroy the bottom like well, that’s an easy joke and I’m better than that. Oh wait! No I’m not, it will destroy the bottom like Taco Bell does to mine. Nah I regret making that joke. Just like I regret getting Taco Bell. Though aptly I still made it, just like I make $30 Door Dash orders to Taco Bell. Now I will say hard tacos are okay if they are being provided. I’ll always take a free taco. Just if I’m cooking you can bet your hippy it’s gonna be tostadas or soft shell. I like to think they are a relic of novelty. Like it used to be a little obscure kinda food you only thought about sometimes. Until pop culture decided to get all “LOL random” and made Taco Tuesday a thing.

Truly the death of any trend is when a show about brightly colored people who are a parallel dimension of brightly colored horses shoe horn it in for a cheap joke. A good show will bring you something new, give you something more.

Though this, sadly, isn’t about Stir Fry. Or the days of on which one should. It’s about the horrible decision to willingly choose hard tacos instead of soft. So why do people do it? No, I mean honest question I can’t tell. Soft tacos at most only cost like ten cents extra. We can rule out taste, as the hard taco shell vlcomes in a variety or other more edible shapes. It’s not convenience for obvious reasons. So what we have left is that you didn’t get enough of them as a kid. So you have a positive response to taco based imagery. It’s okay we all do.

That’s fine, we can let hard tacos stay the symbol of tacos. Let it become the skeuomorph of tacos. Much like the telephone app on your smartphone. The save icon in video games. The fact that microphone buttons tend to be an old 1940s style upright mic doesn’t count. Those actually are still very common. Just ya know. It honestly is better this way. Hard taco shells are shelf stable longer. That’s why they were fried in the first place. I don’t see everyone so quick to gnaw down on some hardtack. Even up to the 80s refrigeration and storage was not what we have today. Atleast in a shipping and manufacturing sense. We now have the means to have fresh soft tortillas any dang ol’ time we want. Don’t let yourself be fooled by a long standing childhood deficit of tacos. The only reason you even think hard taco in the first place was these.

Which again you only had because it stayed around forever. Nothing more than glorified Hamburger Helper. Honestly, nothing wrong with that. If you are making it at home you have full control over how much if what goes into your shell. You can be a bit more accommodating to your taco turn radius. The loss of toppings will be minimal. More importantly you will have plenty of extras to merit picking the fallen food fragments from the plate. If you need hard tacos keep those around. As a treat and convince. A way to use that ever greying meat in your fridge. If you are out and about, be a decent person, get the soft tacos. And yes Double Decker Tacos count as hard tacos. Don’t think you are being sneaky it still takes a mouth tilt. You want those things do yourself a favor and keep it to a kit.