Yes the Nestle Crunch Bar, a snack I love so much I had to Google if it was even still around. It is.

Which maked me extremely happy. I’ve always had a fondness for crisped rice. Be it Rice Krispies or their related treats, Star Crunch snack cakes, and even certain granola bars are made edible thanks to these little marvels. Yes puffed rice is good too, but it’s no crispy rice. Dry and crackly just fits so well with or in most things. Also chocolate goes great on most things, so it’s a no brainer. You mix the two and it’s founding to taste like a hundred grand. I mean in dollars, one hundred thousand dollars. Not the carmely candy bar named 100 Grand. Still though, know what is in a 100 Grand Bar? You’re godamn right!

Carmel and crispy rice covered in chocolate. So take out the Carmel, flatten the bar, and add a second top layer of milk chocolate and you got yourself a Crunch Bar. Sure Hershey’s has the Krackle, but that’s not as good. The rice seems overly crisped more often than not. Plus like come on. If Krackle bars are around so are Mr. Good bars. It’s an easy choice there. Mr. Goodbar has something funky going on with it’s chocolate, and I love it. Just not as much as I love Nestle Crunch. Sure I got swept up in the fancy candy bar craze. Who hasn’t been lured away by the siren’s call of graham cracker in chocolate that we call a Wonka Bar. Not to mention the mukbang we call Take 5.

Such a busy bar. Snacks are supposed to be relaxing. Something simple. That’s where the crunch bar excels. But in what form is it best? Clearly the bar right? Oh child, you couldn’t be more wrong. Although I don prefer a Crunch bar over all other candy bars. There is still one thing that exceeds this.

Nestle Buncha Crunch is not only fun to munch, but super versatile. Movie theater nibbling is a big plus, sure, but Buncha Crunch can be eaten or used as a topping. Bringing it toe to toe with M&Ms. A fight they once again win hands down, I mean look.

That’s right, ice cream toppings without those frozen razor sharp candy shells. Crunch bar bits are basically tiny Crunch bars, given that it only needs to be made up of two parts. Now the chocolate to rice ratio is seemingly reversed. Which is actually what I prefer. The normal chocolate bar can be a bit much on the chocolate side. Kinda why I over look them so often. If I want chocolate, I’ll grab some pudding. Just if I want a chocolate bar then I’ll grab a Nestle Crunch. Candy bars, perfected.