More so than the clothes, the controller makes the man. What controller a person chooses says a lot about them. Think about it we all already have clothes. The controller bundled with the console that’s your work clothes. Thems the shirts your momma bought you for church and mamaw’s house. For some people that’s all they want. Just a plain comfy polo shirt. So when they need a new one, they just go with what they know. Sure they might be grabbing a different color.

There is nothing wrong with that. Typically that comes at a premium anyway. A more serious choice for someone not wanting to be caught with nothing to wear. Especially with Nintendo products having knock off Wiimotes was just a terrible time. Not saying anything unofficial is a knock off. Sure often the more premium gamer controllers are like a SUPREME shirt. The same thing as any other shirt just expensive to be exclusive. That or you have throwback styled controllers like 8bitdo.

That’s typically my style. Especially that controller there. I mean I have that exact controller. It’s my go to PC gaming pad mainly because it doesn’t like to stay paired with both my Switch and my PC despite saying it should on the website. No big, not miffed, just kinda wished it was more user friendly. Same with my clothing choices and gaming purchases. I’m stuck in the 90s and if that’s wrong I don’t want to know what’s right. Then we have the on sale gamers. They don’t care what they get as long as it’s budget friendly.

Those types I uh, I have a hard time getting a read on them. In many ways they are the most hardcore gamers. The kind that want to play so bad they will use anything. So I won’t judge as to why they have those things. I know I don’t do that P2 controller mess. If I’m at your house and you pass me these, I’ll act like my cat on the PC desk. That shit is hitting the floor fast. So here is where things start getting hard…

One of those is 20 dollars cheaper, and by sake of reviews and reddit threads alone I have no idea which one is better. I know which one looks better. The cheaper one actually. That’s right the retro streaks Pikachu controller is technically 3rd Party. The only conclusive information I have is the Power A has clickier buttons. Now this is half because online reviews from customers is the least reliable source of information after Wikipedia. The other being Power A has released up to 4 different revisions of the same basic controller. All of various quality and features. So that should be simple to sort out right? Just go by the newest reviews and you should be fine. Only it’s never that simple. There are people who never used both but need to chime in. Others buying old controllers and leaving a review on the wrong product. Then you have the people who used one a decade ago and still have PTSD. For that I can’t blame them I mean.

It only takes one painful pair of pants to keep me out of Levi. Madkatz has almost always destroyed my hands trying to use them. Yet I always had a ton of them. Can you guess why? It’s my mother’s favorite brand. She loved every Madkatz controller she had. I’d even buy her new official N64 or GameCube controllers and no, she would still stick to her Madkatz. So is there any hope of finding the best controller? How can you get the best bang for your gaming buck? Just buy the one you think looks best and has a quality you trust or a price you are willing to risk.

Oh wait Hori controllers! Yeah those Japanese controllers that have been gaining popularity lately. They have to be good right?! I mean all three of my old Hori controllers had buttons break, triggers droop, and ultimately stopped working but sure get one I’m certain it’s better by now. So yeah can you trust people who say things like this?

i dunno I didn’t click it. I already got so frustrated with user reviews that I started writing this. Oh and Rock Candy, yeah the old headphones company, makes Switch controllers. I don’t even know where to start with that. Yeah I liked the earbuds but that is a style thing more than anything. A lot less can go wrong with work out headphones that precision movement input devices.

Sooooo pretty, no wait hold on that’s a Power A controller again isn’t it? Thanks Amazon, hold on let me grab a picture.

There we go, also pretty. Unsurprisingly found that on Walmart dot com. The same store I always found those brightly colored earbuds for ten bux. So end of the day get what you can afford, like what you get, and if you get a lemon start saving up and snag something else. Ultimately a controller costs pennies. At worst it’s a little more than the cost of one game to play every game. So why fight it when you need a new one. You’ll play it way more than you will Zelda Breath of the Wild and I didn’t hear you complain about that purchase. Sure my Rock Candy headphones only lasted a few months, but I used them for 5 hours a day everyday. It was a cost I just learned to eat.

So yeah I need a new Switch controller and this article was originally going to be about the options out there and how to make a good choice. Just I don’t have Linus Tech Tips money so I can’t buy one of each to test them out and honestly reading the online information did nothing for me. I’m going back to in-store in hand products to just make a judgement call. The same way I buy my clothes and YES! Full circle baby! I brought it back around to pants, I’m out of here. Until next time stay comfy.