That’s right licensed cereal time! I know I normally bombard these with a bunch of pictures. Probably still will but like, I won’t show a bunch of them because there is to many to pick. I mean I did just buy this stuff.

It just tastes like Applejacks, well whole grain Applejacks, with Lucky Charms Marshmallows. Well that Mario Amiibo Cereal from a few years ago was just like Fruit Loops with Marshmallows. So really it’s just cereal that wasn’t good enough to move on their own. Star Wars cereal is common place now. As well as movie tie in or TV show ones. It’s so common we don’t think twice about it. I got a box of Baby Yoda cereal myself. It was okay. Kinda like lime flavored corn pops. Oh and let’s not forget Funko Mega Man cereal. That stuff was okay, but it made my poop dangerously blue. That needs to be addressed. That said it’s not special just Google it. In fact here.

They will slap anything into a cereal now. Like they used to do with Spaghetti-Os or Kraft Mac and Cheese. So it’s not gonna be worth anything within any amount of time it would merit holding on to the darn things. Plus everyone else is doing it. It’s only value comes when everyone else gives up. So if you buy it, eat it. Buy it because you want it. Give in and be a kid again. Forget about everything else and just pour yourself a bowl of well regular Cookie Crisp. Mainly because it’s not expired and costs way less than $115.

Sure it might not come with Sonic Pogs, but you can always watch the old show while you eat. Most of these companies are just trying to sell you nostalgia. If not to you directly, then to have you give this experience to your kids. You don’t need them to enjoy a little bit of being a kid again. Maybe just stop worrying about everything for an hour or two a day. Watch some Tom & Jerry Kids or Pup Named Scooby Doo. Track down some classic Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon shows. Camp Lazlo still holds up trust me.

So maybe only buy that cereal if you want to eat it. If not you end up with a shelf of ever increasingly stale novelty cereals that you won’t get to. I know this was a short one, but I had to get it out there. Also I am selling some soon to be vintage cereals hit me up with you are interested.