No no, not Mr. Polygon he was a failed mascot dropped before the system launched. I would have said he would be all but forgotten if not for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal, but pretty sure know one remembers that game to often itself. So why even make a mascot? Because it is a face for the brand. Mario is like your fun uncle, and you know Nintendo is just family friendly fun. Sonic is a 90s bad boy, and like most guys from the 90s he overcompensates by trying to hard to be hip and fails in an adorably awkward way, especially when fun uncle Mario is involved. Accolade has Bubsy, their games are like a drunken fever dream that controls like a buttered steering wheel in the summer. You can tell a lot I mean do you know any Taito games? Don’t google it, just look.

Now then you know exactly what they do. Coin munching stick flicking arcade titles. Sure it’s from acquisitions and mergers for some of them. You still know the moment you see that little space invader. So Sony actually has had a few mascots over the years in America. Whatever game was exclusive and selling well could be the face of PlayStation.

Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, Nathan Drake, Spyro, Sackboy, Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Sweet Tooth, Cole Mc-uh… McGrath?, Parapa Rapper, and a few others. Spider-Man for awhile even. Just most never stuck around. Either sales started to fall off, or they just went to cross platform titles to get better sales. Even now they are pushing this Astrobot guy. I sadly never got PSVR or a PS5 so he is nothing to me.

Cute little guy even if he looks like he would be a better fit for Apple in the 2000s. Head all looking like an iMac G3.

So I don’t expect him to stay around for long. Now in Japan they have Toro and Koro. Two fun little cats who had a few releases in America on the Vita so I get it if you don’t know them.

They do a decent job of things in Japan. Sony always pushes a more multipurpose image. The PlayStation classic was a fantastic CD player for home surround systems. The PS2 was my first DVD player. The PS3 was MP3s, CDs, Digital Video, Blu Ray, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and so much more. Even if lately they are sticking more towards just streaming video services and internet radio for the non gaming sides of the systems. Toro was friendly and mischievous plus cute and above all else marketable. So why not lean into him again but world wide? I can’t honestly say. Perhaps they have what I call “The Sega Issue” and try to market their system differently per region. Worked out great for Sega didn’t it? Perhaps it’s because they never really planned to go into the gaming market solo from the start.

With the Nintendo PlayStation of all crazy abandoned projects. So who can say for sure what they will, or if they will, settle on a company mascot. I kinda think if they won’t go with Toro then Ratchet and Clank would be a solid choice. They have been there for awhile. They are all about the edgier side of family fun. Much like PlayStation they straddle that line between teen and adult audiences. The fuzzy line of PG-13 that I absolutely love. Yet oddly enough never been a big fan of the series. Then again perhaps that’s the point of not having a set mascot. The face of PlayStation is whatever currently sells. Leaving each console age to be it’s own story. A time capsule of the decade it was around. The commercials and advertisements showing the biggest hits and best sellers. A lasting legacy of their best moments. Instead of the mascots showing how the company has changed over the years they have mascots that show how they changed this year. A representation of what Sony is now, not what they were. I guess I just have a soft spot for company characters. So for me, if they picked the wrong one I’d actually like them less. Though a good mascot will make me buy even the worst products regardless of better options.