Townscaper snuck it’s way onto the Switch eShop and I saw it, shrugged, and moved on. But it stuck out to me. It must have because when a good friend of mine tossed the trailer at me my first thought was “I saw that on the Switch” nothing else. So obviously I had to buy it. It was fate. I mean it had to be just watch this.

Yeah I know right? Like what was that? What’s the objective? The gameplay? Any of it. Honestly not much. You just poke about and plop down buildings.

That’s it really just build little bridges, land, and buildings. The controls are simple. You pick a color and add or remove a section of the grid. If you build on water then you get a little island. Build on the island get a building. The trick is chosing where to add the next piece. You can build in air as long as you attach it to another side of a building. How you connect the parts and if they are floating make different types of buildings.

That’s basically it. The sole gameplay is finding unique and interesting ways to manipulate the pieces. Design fun little island towns and look at the neat subtle details. Things can get pretty crazy if you try.

So it’s up to you how the game goes. You can just chill and good about or start into it hard and make something wonderful and breathtaking. No music here either. Just the sounds of the ocean rolling against your new little city on the sea. The controls definitely don’t feel like they had the Switch in mind. Keep that in mind as you fumble with the cursor. It’s not terrible, just really makes me miss the control perfection of keyboard and mouse. It’s feel is closer to a creativity software than game. Mario Paint or Sega uh… I’m gonna say Sega Creativity Studio? Lemme check.

Oh right, Sega Club Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio… how could I forget. That is fitting because it’s appeal is about the same. I’ll get bored in a day or two, but I’ll come back. No plot or agenda just relax and create. A solid use of six bux. Six dollars provided by our Patreon actually. No worries not gonna shill out our Patreon here. This review is to short for that. Now do I like it? Yeah, it’s good. I say get it if for nothing else than to have an experience. Not a strong experience either. A calm melancholy rare to find nowadays. Somewhere between fun and contentment but never demanding your focus. If it was a snack it would be like those premixed yogurts. Sweet but mellow just something to have when you lack time or effort for a real meal. If I had to give it a score as a game, well honestly 2/5. Awkward controls one learns but never gets used to. A day night cycle that is frozen and just has the player set a position for the sun causes time to drag. All on top of no direction or purpose leaves the experience ultimately hollow. Now as a way to kill some time? That would be 4/5 no question. Cute and quirky concept and simple interface keeps you coming back for short bursts. Like a wood puzzle, Rubik’s┬áCube, or playing solitaire it just has a comfortable feeling. Relaxing yet mentally stimulating it can scratch the itch you get when you are to tired to game but want more than a show. So you should easily get your money’s worth.