A bag of lies. That’s what this is. Looks like a big bag of Crunch Berries right? Just with the color scheme of those tootie fruity marshmallows. Well it’s not. The back of the bag says they are cookies, but if that’s the case I have no idea what a cookie is. This stuff has the texture of Puff Corn. You know those spongy foamish corn snacks.

The to lazy to chew snack that leaves your teeth feeling violated. It has that kind of sponch to it. The flavor though? That was orange flavored sweet kettle corn. Sweet, soft, and just a hint of salt it’s not terrible. Just I don’t get it. It’s not offensive by any strech of your imagination. Just I couldn’t find any information about them online. Only I think they taste of crime? According to the advanced translation robots we use here at the Action Couch Center.

So I got nothing. The back had the term Long Cherries in Korean, but that’s as helpful as anything else I googled on this bag. Obviously it’s imported, so check an import store if you want to try them. Infact they remind me of a flavor I had all but forgot. Orange Pez Popcorn actually existed. I found it once at Odd Lots. Odd Lots being the worse version of Big Lots which is a store that sells things that nobody wanted at Walmart or wherever it was first put up.

Softer than popcorn which is a plus, and a more pleasant shape and colorization give this Traditional Snack an advantage for sure. Because I didn’t like Pez Popcorn, but I tolerate Traditional Snack. Like when someone buys store brand cereal or diet soda I’ll consume it because it is already here. There is potential here for sure. They would make good garland strings to hang around a tree. Or a cute little bowl of snacks for feeding squirrels. I’d even be okay with them in a trail mix. I can’t find any reason to hunt this out if you haven’t had it before. I equally can’t find any reason to avoid it. In that way it does fit in with other foods I consider traditional snacks. Like those hard brown molasses oatmeal cookies with the hard jizzy icing on them. Not bad, I’ll eat ’em, but I won’t spend my money on them. I will however spend our money on it. Like every other Couch Crunch these completely unknowable snacks were purchased using the Action Couch Life Patreon funds. So if you want to have us try anything in particular or are in a position to help the site grow then drop us a few coins from your cushions. If not, we love you anyway.