So I gotta come clean I used to live for upcoming game news. Magazines, then websites, then virtual events held on PlayStation Home, and finally YouTube news shows I was obsessed. Nowadays I don’t understand it. Not just why anyone would care now, but why I ever cared in the first place. I mean sure, games aren’t released finished or even playable anymore. So releasing is not to big of a deal. Most games I end up snagging a GotY edition or so. With all the bugs out and DLC included. Or I did, anyway. Publishers are less and less likely to GotY a game when they are on DLC Pack 3 out of an established only one set policy. Now DLC can be good. I won’t even begin to say it can’t be. Just there are only two ways I like it.

I want it to be either completely cosmetic. Outfits, skins, menus, and the like or single player only. You are already expected to pay am online fee for most consoles so adding in extra characters for some people is not cool. Just not anything worth losing all hype over. So why don’t I like trailers?

Because that was 12 years ago. I wanted it so badly. Still do only problem is well…it sorta came out 4 years ago. As this.

So many games just change or get cancelled or take far to long to come out. It’s almost like just being hyped at the concept of a game night be coming out. I don’t need a trailer to tell me Zelda Breath of the Wild was getting a sequel. I figured that out when it got DLC. So anymore it almost feels like trailers are to tell people eventually a game night come out close to this and adjacent to this franchise. So pre-order now to get an exclusive demo to unlock an exclusive summon in the final game. That uh, that was real by the way. Final Fantasy XV did it. But still that doesn’t feel like enough to just stop looking forward to new games. E3 is kinda lame now, and PAX always was incredibly stupid. That said I never went to conventions for games. Anime and Star Trek yes, but gaming not even once. So I doubt that factors into it.

Oh right, fandoms. I keep forgetting about those types. Game is still years away and already finding issue with it. That and it doesn’t stop when the game is released. No sir or madam, it gets worse. Suddenly these trailers they tore apart become sacred. Like a promise to the gamers that was casually forgotten like a January 4th birthday. Just squawking and hooting and yes they are a big factor in it. Just honestly I think it’s the same problem I have with Netflix. It’s too easily available. I can just pop over to the Nintendo YouTube channel and get everything there. Little surprise to when a trailer drops and less urgency to catch it as I won’t forget. It’s just become routine and commonplace. There is just so many unreleased but announced titles now that it’s hard to know which ones are even coming out. Not to mention caring about it. So I suggest just looking at the games already out. Pretty sure some have slipped past you these last few decades.

Rescue: The Embassy Mission is pretty dope. You could be rocking some NES action instead of making a ridiculous list of demands for Zelda Breath of the Wild 2. As a great man once said “No game, no hype. Thems the rules” and it’s true. No final version may vary or pre rendered trailers. You want to get me excited show me the actual game actually running. I mean they don’t do this with movies. Atleast I hope they don’t do this with movies. Film a completely different thing and then just not show the first one. Thinking of it, Saturday Morning Cartoons did this all the time. Animated a pilot that never aired and used clips from it for the show’s opening. I never understood it then, and I don’t like it now. It’s just flashy fluff that is made instead of just making the game. If anyone is still preordering games based on trailers they have legitimate mental health problems. I always respond the same way in I’m asked to talk about a trailer.

How is anyone to know anything from a curated slideshow of lies? The only thing I can say with certainty and this should be true whenever you are reading this. Nintendo has a new Mario game in development along with I want to say Zelda or Metroid. Sony is pumping out timed exclusives of japanese RPGs so just add one to the last Final Fantasy or Ys or something not Wild Arms. xBox has a gun game for pasty teenagers in development. Anything else not listed I will wait for a release date before actually guessing what’s going on.