So I caved into nostalgia. Like in this case it is caving in. I haven’t even thought about wrestling since┬áthe N64 days. That said when I was a kid I loved those old ice cream bars. Mainly because I prefer vanilla over chocolate. So a vanilla cookied ice cream sandwich is a no brainer. In a double surprise twist a licensed product being actually good, and something wrestling themed not being extreme or sour. It’s just a delightfully soft extra creamy ice cream sammie that happens to have beffy muscle men printed on them.

Everything about this snack is showy and very design forward. It really brings the whole experience together. Ice cream sandwiches are nothing special. Arguably most snacks are just disposable junk food if you strip it down to the base elements. It’s the little changes each brand brings. The Pringles can, the coke bottle, the square burger patty, or whatever product you go for it has a certain something you came to associate with it. Licensed goods skip that step of familiarizing you with the brand by leaning on an existing interest.

Typically you see this with an existing product just worked around a bit. Though I can’t for the life of me think of any vanilla cookied vanilla ice cream sandwiches. If I had seen them the packaging must have been underwhelming. Wrestling on the other hand is for better or worse a fixture of American television history. It’s tie in products and endorsement deals are just a fact of life. I know Macho Man sold me many a Slim Jim, and Sargent Slaughter got me pumped for GI Joe. Even Mario got a push from the WWF.

Good ‘ol Captain Lou was the live action Mario in the fantasticly bad Super Show. So look past the wrestling and just think of it as a quirky tie in treat that has to live up to a certain quality standard to keep the license. Now these I want to say are made by a new company. They lack the stick and long egg shape. That and well it’s been a decade or more since I last had one. So I can’t say they taste the same, but I will say they taste great. Okay yeah it’s ice cream, which usually tastes great. So let’s say it tastes better than Dean’s Ice Cream Sandwiches which happen to be my go to frozen snack. They were a bit pricey eight bux for four treats. No matter how creamy and chunked they are, they aren’t worth two dollars a pop. Atleast not to have on the regular. So I say make it a comfort food. A special like feel better food when life makes you want to just hide away in simpler times. A time when a beefy man on a soggy frozen cookie was the highlight of your night.